Aromatherapy treatments


The use of essential oils can be used in combination of massage, reflexology and all of the other available treatments.

They can also be used in a take home remedy by making you a personally blended aromastick. This is similar to a “Vicks(copyright symbol)” inhaler, but would be used externally only. Trials of produced very positive results in the oncology setting, to show the effective use of aromatics helping re-balance problems with sleeplessness, nausea and anxiety.

Personalised blends with bespoke hand drawn labels can also be ordered.

bottle aroma

As part of our consultation we will look at choosing a safe and suitable blend to use.

I use organic professional quality oils from suppliers such as Naturally Thinking or Oshadi.

Essential oils are highly concentrated, volatile plant extracts obtained through different extraction methods. Each oil has a chemical compound which when entering the bodies systems through inhalation or penetration can effectively work to improve, balance or help eradicate particular symptoms, issues or side effects.

What's a typical session like?

Our first meeting we will discuss your initial reasons for coming for therapy and what you hope to achieve from our session/s. I’ll take details of your medical history and lifestyle and from there we can choose what would be most beneficial for you on that occasion. Because I offer a range of therapies there will be something that we will agree to, or maybe a combination of several therapies that would be suitable at that time.

I would allow up to 80 minutes for the first session and 60 minutes for follow ups.

How many treatments will I need?

This really would be dependant on you, what your requirements are and how you feel the treatments are benefitting you. Of course like anything, giving something a chance to work through the body and the ripple effects it can have on other areas of our wellbeing will have a more profound effect the more we do something.

Where are the treatments carried out?

I have a relaxing treatment room in my home where I carry out many of my treatments although I do offer mobile services within a reasonable distance. Please note that my treatment room is up a short flight of stairs so if you struggle with them, I can come to you.

What do I sit on?

Depending on what combination of treatments we decide on, I can use a reclining chair called a Lafuma, an onsite acupressure chair or a massage table. If any of these are not suitable for you we can use an upright chair, or if you are a wheelchair user treatments can be carried out from here.

What do I need to wear?

If we are working on the body with oil you will be made comfortable with towels and blankets as necessary, allowing skin to be bare on area or areas we are working with, for example if massaging the whole body then leaving the undergarments on works, but its completely at your discretion and comfortability, all treatments will be adapted to accommodate this.

How much will my treatments cost?

First session with consultation is £45

Follow up sessions are £40

First aromastick with your treatment is free

Follow up aromasticks are £6

Block bookings - 6 treatments £210 / 12 treatments £385

Ready to find out more?

Please contact me for further details.