“Thanks for this session, Sam and Helen, I really enjoyed it. I said I’d send a bit of feedback on my experience, so here goes. I thought it was really nice having the live harp music complimenting the yoga moves. I also really liked the way the session went from ‘flow’ yoga (which I am new to and so was a bit more challenging!) to the lovely, nourishing yin yoga in the second half. I found Sam really clear and easy to follow as a teacher, and the hands on help with postures was very welcome, especially the ones I was unfamiliar with. Having the harp there was a novelty for me, and worked so well. I noticed there were pieces I recognised (which was nice), as well as what seemed to be improvisations to fit with and compliment the yoga moves as they unfolded. It was especially lovely sinking into the yin poses with the ambient harp sounds as accompaniment in the background! The pace of the session was just right. So, thanks again, and really hoping to make it back to another of these sessions soon!” 

Claire, Deganwy. Conwy


“Hi Sam,

Thank you for a lovely yoga session yesterday, I have never done that kind of yoga before and found it so relaxing and peaceful:) I particularly enjoyed the reading you did and the whole atmosphere of the class. Your soothing tone really helped me to just go with it and last night when I went to bed I fell asleep without having to watch tv and had the most amazing deep sleep. I’ve woken up this morning feeling calm and positive! If only I could start every morning with a session like that-it’s given me a lovely energy, Thank you!”

Julianne, SE London

“Sam’s classes are fun, engaging, imaginative and infused with her own enthusiasm for yoga. It is clear that she is devoted to serving others and increasing peace and compassion in the hearts of others. It is clear that she herself has a deep and dedicated practise. I highly recommend her classes” 

Director of Universal Yoga

“Samantha has an uncanny healing touch, her sensitive yet no nonsense approach left me feeling completely nurtured and whole. She is a true healer, this is her vocation”

Charlotta, Somerset.

“Samantha is an attentive teacher whose knowledge and experience of Yoga oozes out un her classes. She teaches with compassion and you leave her classes feeling uplifted, inspired and energised. Samantha herself is an excellent Asana practitioner and has incredible command of her own body.” 

Charlie Trumpet, SW London.

“As a complete beginner to Yoga, Sam made me feel instantly at ease, I left my 1st session floating on air & intrigued.  The classes were informal, but structured; I felt supported within my own space.  Sam was able to identify where the participants needed more guidance in a particular [way / movement / pose], and direct each session accordingly, and always uniquely, without pressure [or intimidation].  Over time I began to take on what I learned, much more than physical benefits, applying a calmness and a smile to the pain and difficulties of life, and now I can sleep better, breathe deep, frown less, [and refrain from cussing folk on the northern line at 10 to 9].” 

Beckha, SE London.